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The descriptive beauty of Gurbani by Harman Singh

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😮How many words do you think there are to describe the word ‘face' in Punjabi? 1? 2? more? The English language is very limited - check out this amazing short clip on just how descriptive Gurbani is, and how much we m...

#5 Master of the Masterless (Patit Udhaaran Bhai Haran) – Salok M9 English Katha

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🙏🏽 Do you feel scared? Vaheguru will take away your fears. 🙏🏽 Do you feel you're a sinner? Vaheguru will be your saving Grace. 🙏🏽 Do you feel you have no one to protect you? Vaheguru is and will always be with you... ...

The Rise of the Khalsa by Jagraj Singh

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🔥🕯The Guru’s Light is perfect and is ready to transform you. If the candle of your mind is wet, soaked in this worldly illusion, greed and power, unwilling to receive Guru Ji’s warmth, then how can we expect to see an...

The Message of Vaisakhi

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What is the Khalsa? Who are the Sikhs? Why are we so distinct? From everyone at Everythings 13, we'd like to wish everyone a Happy Vaisakhi! Music Credits: Deh Shiva (Female Version) - Zee Entertainment Enterprises ...

#4 What do you claim as your own? (Dhan Daaraa Sampat Sagal) – Salok M9 English Katha

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🤑😍➡😇🙏🏼 Your wealth, your family, and all that you claim as your own... is it truly yours? At the time of departure, nothing goes with us - our money stays here and so does the wallet! It's time to reflect: how detache...

What do I lose from NOT going into Sangat?

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We often talk about the value of going into Sangat (holy congregation) but let's actually turn this on its head and question what might happen to our heart 💔if we didn’t go into Sangat. Watch to find out more! This ...

The Kirpan Leaflet – Parliament Launch

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On 31st January 2019, the Everything’s 13 team organised the Kirpan Leaflet launch at Parliament, UK. After 5 years of hard work on this leaflet from its initial conception by Bhai Jagraj Singh, the leaflet was showca...

The Pathway of Naam by Harman Singh

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Watch this beautiful & passionate Katha (discourse) in mixed English & Punjabi on many Sikhi topics revolving around Naam. Naam cannot be described - it can be experienced as the connection to the Divine Name ...

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