Last year I was missing my relatives who I had just left in India. I was trapped in Moh or attachment and it almost made me forget my Lord. For a few days I was sad but the way I made myself feel better was by reminding myself about all the love my relatives had for me and all love anybody has for me or anyone comes ultimately from God. That love is always with us.

But than one day, a week or two later the feelings came back and I was about to start crying. I missed my family in India and I had no money for a phone card. I didn’t want to ask my parents or grandparents because I didn’t want them to see me cry.

I refused to let myself cry though. I took my mp3 player and headphones outside and listened to Kirtan. I remember telling myself that God was going to take care of me someway. Well the first miracle was that I instantly forgot all of my pain. I lost myself in the Kirtan and forgot everything by remembering God’s greatness.

The second miracle was that as I was walking and I randomly found 2.25 (dollars) on the floor – that’s just enough to buy a phone card and give dasvandh. I was wonder-struck at how amazing God is. That day, I finally understood that when we pray we rule the world. When we have Bhakti we get Shakti naturally. When we remember God and forget maya than maya comes and bows at our feet and that is literally what happened to me – maya was at my feet.



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