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Should Gurdwaras do more to support families? Gravesend Q&A #2

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Question from sangat was "Should Gurdwaras do more to support families?" From Q&A Session after katha of "Sikhs worship Guru - Gur Meri Puja" Basics of Sikhi is a project by Everything...

Interfaith Weddings? Non-Sikhs in Anand Karaj? Sikh Rehat Maryada

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Are non-sikhs allowed to marry Sikhs? Are Sikhs allowed to do Anand Karaj with someone who is not a Sikh? This has become a very public debate recently. This is a clip taken from #2 of 3 - English Katha of the Akaal T...

Sikhi & Snow by Baljit Singh & Harman Singh *PROMO* [4K]

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Sangat Ji, with the recent snow storms which hit the UK this week, we took the opportunity to relate this weather to Sikhi. We look forward to sharing them with you soon! Stay tuned and please share this video! --...

Why are Gurdwaras failing? Can I leave Sikhi?- Sikhi vs Atheism #1

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Intro talk about Why Gurdwaras fail at teaching Sikhi. This is the first in a set of videos addressing common arguments by Atheists against religion and providing the SIkh perspective. The atheist argument addressed ...

Ex- UK Army Sikh responds to Thatcher & British SAS link to 1984 Bluestar Golden Temple in Amritsar

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Use #TruthAbout1984 to tweet- Special Report - MUST WATCH and SHARE! Secret documents revealing the UK government's link to Operation Bluestar, the 1984 attack on the Golden Temple in Amritsar, have come to light. Ind...

Camp Highlights – Basics & Beyond Canada 2017 (4K)

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Having experienced the bliss of the first ever Basics & Beyond Canada Camp by Basics of Sikhi, here are the highlights to that amazing 4 days of simran, kirtan, katha, seva, sangat, workshops, talks, activities an...

Spiritual Teachings of Sikhism – Oxford University Conference – 1 of 2

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Two part lecture series on the Spiritual and Political teachings of Sikhi, the wisdom of the Sikh Gurus. These were delivered at the Discovering Sikhism Youth Conference at Oxford university on the 20th October 2012. ...

Become a member of your local Gurdwara!

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With many Gurdwara elections coming up, have a voice and become a member of your local Gurdwara to bring the change we need! -- Basics of Sikhi is a project by Everythings 13, an educational charity dedicated to sprea...

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