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White American brother learnt Japji Sahib from our channel! USA Testimonial #2

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Whilst out in California, USA in Dec 2015, Jagraj Singh recorded these amazing testimonials by the sangat there! Parampreet Singh came from a very strong Christian background and got into Sikhi from watching our Japji...

Haumai – The Chronic Disease (Punjabi Talk) – B&B Camp Mumbai 2016

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A Punjabi Katha filmed at the Basics of Sikhi Mumbai Camp, Baljit Singh explains the meaning behind Haumai - I, me (ego). Donate to: --- Basics of Sikhi is a pro...

What is the difference between cutting nail to cutting hair? Q&A Park Ave

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Question was, "What is the difference between cutting hair to cutting nails? Q&A done in upstairs deewan at Park Avenue Gurdwara Southall after regular Sunday Katha. --- Basics of Sikhi is a project by Everythings...

Delhi Sangat – Langar Week 2015

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The main principles of langar are Fighting Hunger, Equality in Action and Teaching Compassion. THREE WAYS TO TAKE PART: 1. Take non-Sikhs to a Gurdwara for langar. 2. Organise langar in your local High Street/ Colleg...

How to start with Nitnem and Naam? Calgary Youth Q&A #5 (alongside Bhai Balpreet Singh of WSO)

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Calgary series of Youth Q&A at Gurdwara Dashmesh Cultural Centre - With Bhai Balpreet Singh, Lead Counsel for the World Sikh Organisation (WSO). The question from sangat was "How do I get started with Nitnem and N...

How MTV Roadies star found Sikhi – Ocean Singh

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MTV Roadies X4 contestant shares his journey into Sikhi at the Basics & Beyond Mumbai Camp 2016. ** MUST WATCH ** --- Basics of Sikhi is a project by Everythings 13, an educational charity dedicated to spreading t...

Toronto Gurdwara Q&A #8 I heard Basics Of Sikhi // E13 don’t charge.. So how is this Parchar funded?

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The question from Sangat was on "I heard you don't charge for Katha/ courses nor want adverts on your videos. So how do you fund this Parchar?" Intro Simran by Jagdeep Kaur of Qi-Rattan available for free download fr...

#17 Anand Sahib English Katha Explanation – Pauri 23 & 24

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#17 - Anand Sahib English Explanation Katha. This Katha goes through the 23rd & 24th Pauri of Anand Sahib Paath. "SatGuru Bina Hor Kachee Hai Baanee". People often criticise Dharna by Mahapurakhs so we look at wh...

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