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Q&A How old do you have to be to take Amrit? by Jagraj Singh

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Jagraj Singh talks about encouraging the youth, especially those who show a real interest in Sikhi, by pushing them forwards and keeping them motivated. We also learn about a conversation that Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji (Ni...

APPLY NOW – Basics of Sikhi Academy Seattle USA 2019 Promo

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Ever wanted to become a Parcharik and never known where to go to study? Basics of Sikhi Academy, an Everythings13 project is one of the first Sikh Parcharik Training Academies where you can come to learn in a safe env...

Hukam #41 of 52 – Speaking bitterly, do not hurt someone’s heart [4K]

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Sukhdeep Singh goes through Hukam (Command) 41 of 52 given to all Sikhs by Guru Gobind Singh Ji. They are practical instructions that we should incorporate into our lives as they describe the ideal way of life of a Kh...

Q&A How do you stay motivated at school/work when you get down? by Jagraj Singh

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Quite often when we get down, we lose motivation in our work. Instead of working on the ‘getting down’, we try to increase the little motivation we have but with little success because we haven’t looked at the root ca...

Camp Highlights – Basics & Beyond Canada 2018

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Having experienced the bliss of the Basics & Beyond Canada Camp 2018 by Basics of Sikhi, here are the highlights to that amazing 5 days of simran, kirtan, katha, seva, sangat, workshops, talks, activities and more...

The Compassion of Bhai Kanhaiya Ji – Kids Talk by Baljit Singh

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During the Nanaksar Kiddies Camp in Birmingham, Baljit Singh expresses the beautiful compassion of Bhai Kanhaiya Ji to the small kids that attended. It was so successful that more kids turned up to the camp the follow...

National Daughters Day! #NationalDaughtersDay

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National Daughters Day - Celebrating the daughters of Guru Gobind Singh And Mata Sahib Kaur Ji National Daughters Day 2018 we did a small slideshow of our daughters and sisters to celebrate the daughters of Guru Gobi...

Make the spiritual people leaders! Street Parchar by Jagraj Singh

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Philosophy 101! Jagraj Singh talks to three young people who came to help serve Langar (free food) about the concept of seva (selfless service) and how it should be balanced with living a spiritual life. We learn abou...

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