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Workshop on Anger (Krodh) by Harman Singh

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Harman Singh presents the Anger (Krodh) workshop at Toronto Singhs Camp 2017. Please watch, share and comment below. Thank you to SikhVibes to filming and allowing us to use their footage. --- Basics of Sikhi is a...

Christian and Atheist vs Sikh @ Speakers Corner

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Jagraj Singh's fourth visit to Hyde Park. Check out this video of him debating an Atheist and Christian. --- Basics of Sikhi is a project by Everythings 13, an educational charity dedicated to spreading the wisdom of ...

The Story of Sirhind – Part 1 – By Harman Singh

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In this first Part of the story of Sirhind, Harman Singh explains how after the battle of Chamkaur, Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj meets the Nawab of Raikot Rai Kala who offers the Guru his services. Guru Gobind Singh J...

What is Sukh (Peace)? by Baljit Singh – Singh Sabha Gurdwara, Birmingham

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Baljit Singh Ji delivers an hard hitting talk explaining what Sukh (peace) really is. He shares Sikh history of how Gursikhs (Sikhs of the Guru) got through the darkest of days by accepting Vaheguru’s Hukam. --- Bas...

Amritsar Visitor Information Centre – New Project by Basics of Sikhi

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Please support our new Project to setup a new Visitor Information Centre outside the Harimandar Sahib (Golden Temple) Complex. Jagraj Singh explain more in this video. Support now at: -- Basic...

Solutions to the Anand Kaaraj Issue – Akaal Channel

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Baljit Singh and Jagraj Singh host a show on Akaal Channel covering the Anand Kaaraj (Sikh marriage ceremony) issues and provide solutions to this growing topic. --- Basics of Sikhi is a project by Everythings 13, an ...

#15 Shabad Hazare English Katha Explanation – The Happy Soul Bride

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Part 15 of the weekly english Shabad Hazaare Katha held at Guru Har Rai Gurdwara, West Bromwich every Saturday 7-8pm. Here Baljit Singh discusses the qualities that are required to meet Vaheguru and who to go to in o...

Should we strive in education or is it worldy? – SYF Camp 2015 – Q&A #12

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In 2015 Jagraj Singh was invited to the SYF Camp (Toronto, Canada) to do some talks and workshops. Here's one of the very interesting Q&A sessions recorded. -- Basics of Sikhi is a project by Everythings 13, an ed...

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