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Emotional talk about Sikhi – Derby Street Parchar #3

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Follow us on FB and twitter - SAFE - Sikhism Awareness For Everyone - @ Urban Turban event at Derby Gurdwara. We're making attractive leaflets and other literature that focus on key messages and are distributed for fr...

Gurmukhi #11 – Muharni #11 of 12 – Tipee Akhars

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Video 11 of 12 in the Muharni series; looking at the Tipee sound. NB, this is part of stage #11 in Learning Gurmukhi (more to come) and following this, there will be videos on writing Gurmukhi. Please use the sounds v...

How can I stay awake and focused whilst doing Paath (Prayers)?

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Short Q&A session after a hard hitting talk at Southgate Gurdwara - please Sikhi in English playlist. Question was "How can I stay awake and focused whilst doing Paath (Prayers)?" Q&A #1 -- Basics of Sikhi is ...

Ardas da ki mahatam hai?

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Hear the answer to this question in English: As part of the Basics of Sikhi India Tour 2015, Jagraj Singh visited Bangalore to do Katha and Talks - see our Punjabi Katha playlist and the ...

What is life? Why Guru? Sikhism Sikhs

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Please "like", share freely, comment below and join us on FB. What do the Gurus say about: What is life? What is the point and purpose of life? Why were we created? What is reincarnation? What is Haumai? What is Naam...

Sikhi and Modern Athiests #3 @ UCL Sikh Society

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Part 3 of talk given at University College London Sikh Society on 25th Feb 2013. This covers what Sikh says about 15 common arguments made by athiests against religion, including restriction of freedom, punishment fo...

#10 Shabad Hazare English Katha Explanation – Drenched in the colour of love!

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Baljit Singh addresses how Guru is love and if we connect to Guru Granth Sahib Ji, we can experience this love for ourselves! -- Basics of Sikhi is a project by Everythings 13, an educational charity dedicated to spre...

Japji Sahib English Katha: 4th Pauri (1 of 2) True Master, Amrit Vela

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Japji Sahib English Explanation Katha of 4th Pauri, 1 of 2 Please subscribe, hit like, join our FB group (Basics of Sikhi) and share these videos. This video focuses on the fourth Pauri of Sri Jap Ji Sahib where Gu...

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