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Discovering our true Human Nature – Sikhism

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What is the Sikh view of human nature? Are we really selfish and greedy individuals or are we actually altruistic, empathic and compassionate? What did the Guru's do to help us re-discover our true nature? How can we ...

Gurmukhi #12 – Full Muharni of 35 Punjabi Akhars

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Learn Gurmukhi #12 - This video is for daily practice of the Muharni. Use it to perfect your reading and pronounciation, after having spent time going through each of the 12 individual laga matra videos in step #11. A...

Christian and Atheist vs Sikh @ Speakers Corner

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Jagraj Singh's fourth visit to Hyde Park. Check out this video of him debating an Atheist and Christian. --- Basics of Sikhi is a project by Everythings 13, an educational charity dedicated to spreading the wisdom of ...

Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji Shaheedi – Part 1 – English Katha by Bhai Baljit Singh

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In this video we look at the sacrifice and the love of Bhai Mati Daas, a Shaheedi so powerful and emotional, even words cannot describe. Katha was delivered at the weekly Sikh Youth Forum held at Gurdwara Baba Sang, S...

Gurmukhi #10 – Seven Half Akhars (Sayunkat Akhar)

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Learn Punjabi Gurmukhi series video #10 - Here we look at the Seven Half Akhars that attach below (pairee) the full akhars and how they work alongside the Lagaan. NB, this is #10 in a series of videos just on the S...

Jagraj Singh LIVE – Health update & Gurbani Sikhiya (March 2017)

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Jagraj Singh gave a health update and Gurbani Sikhiya (teachings) to the Sangat on 12th March 2017. This was broadcasted live on Facebook and Instagram. However, for this Youtube version we have added translations for...

TWGC Topic #13 Part B – Anand Karaj – Ceremony and Spiritual Meaning

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Part 2 of 3 of Topic #13 of The Why Guru Course (TWGC). Topic #13 looks at the Sikh Marriage Ceremony, the Anand Kaaraj (Blissful ceremony). Part B looks at the different parts of the wedding ceremony and the spiritua...

TWGC Topic #1 Part C – (Q&A) Guru Nanak Dev ji

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3 of 3, in Topic #1 of The WhyGuru Course (TWGC), focusing on Guru Nanak Dev ji, their life, their words and teachings and finally their passing on the Guruship. This video focuses on the Q&A that took place after...

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