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Dharna Kirtan – Dhan Baba Nand Singh JI | Stratford upon Avon 2012

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Bhai harinder singh ji explains the jeevan of baba nand singh ji in this divaan. Dharna sung in this video: "Kesh ban keh tapisya kiti, dhan baba nand singh neh" which translates to "Blessed is baba nand singh ji, ...

Dharna Kirtan – Dhoori chuk keh matheh deh naal laavan | Stratford upon Avon 2012

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Bhai Harinder singh ji talks about baba nand singh ji's jeevan in this divaan. The dharna sung in this clip: "Dhoori chuk keh matheh deh naal laavan, rabah tereh pyaran dee" This dharna is the explanations of the be...

Dharna Kirtan – Ik Akhar Jinah Deh Manh Vasehya | Coventry 2012

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The dharna sung in this clip is the explanation of the below gurbani tukh: Shalok: aaeae prabh saranaagathee kirapaa nidh dhaeiaal | O God, I have come to Your Sanctuary, O Merciful Lord, Ocean of compassion. eaek ...

Dharna Kirtan – Jina Mileya Thera Naam Chit Aaveh | Sparkhill 2012

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This dharna sung in the video is taken from our daily ardaas. We repeat everyday: "Sai payare mehl jina milya tera naam chit aaveh" This divaan is from the gyani mohinder singh ji remembrance program at sparkhill gu...

Dharna Kirtan – Otheh Naam Neh Sehaytha Karni | Sparkhill 2012

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The dharna being sung by bhai harinder singh ji in this video is: " Otheh Naam Neh Sehaytha Karni, jitheh na koi maath pita" Bhai harinder singh ji is singing the arth (explanation) of the below gurbani tukh in the...

Dharna Kirtan – Sirr Jaaveh Tha Jaaveh Mera Sikhi Sidhak Na Jaaveh | Luton 2012

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This dharna was frequently sung by Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Bhindranwale mahapursh. Recording from Shaheedi Samagam Luton 2012. Sant ji use to sing this dharna within huge amounts of sangat, to emphasise how important i...

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