A Sikh sister from London shares her experience about learning more about SIkhi and the #SikhGenocide84.
Sikhs tell their own story about June and November 1984. Make your own short video or film prominent Sikhs in your area (front facing – hashtags above) and send us the link.
– Short video; ideally 30secs to 2mins
– Front facing; video from a phone or DSLR, not from a webcam
– Sound is very important, i.e. no windy areas or background noises
– Please make it personal. We’re not looking for a speech
– PLEASE USE THE HASHTAG; #SikhGenocide84 and #MyStory
– Please try and finish off with the phrase “I care about Truth Justice and Freedom and I care about the Sikh Genocide of 1984”



Basics of Sikhi