Japji Sahib English Explanation Katha of 34th Pauri

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This video focuses on the 34th Pauri of Sri Jap Ji Sahib where Guru sahib goes through Dharam Khand, the first of the five khands or spiritual states. Here Guruji sets out the fact that this human life is very precious and has come with a purpose, ie to meet Vaheguru and manifest those godly qualities in our life. So the miri piri doctrine corresponds to the spiritual and social purpose of the human life and to that end, society and the sadhsangat end up as the two dharamsalas we have. This pauri also introduces us to the fact that we will be judged based upon our actions on these two planes and that only those people will be found acceptable to pass through that are the “Panch”. We explore what “Panch’ means in Sikhi.

We sing Vaheguru Simran and kirtan of “So Asthan Batavo Meeta, Jaa Kai Keertan Har Har Neeta” by Guru Arjan Paatshah. The kirtan was done by Sukhmani Kaur, tabla Amritpal Singh (www.qi-rattan.com, http://www.thekdp.com).
With Guru’s blessings, the SIKHI in English series will be going through the entire Sri Jap Ji Sahib, (the very first Bani in Sri Guru Granth Sahib) and trying understand it in English alongside singing Gurbani kirtan to help explain further.

The programme is held every Sunday from 6-7:15pm at Park Avenue Gurdwara, Southall. English katha alongside kirtan and simran by local kirtanees. Please give us your darshan and sangat. More information at http://www.everythings13.org

Intro Vaheguru Simran by Jagdeep Kaur (www.qi-rattan.com) and available for free download from http://www.thekdp.com (Jam 2 – track 6)



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