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Rama & Sita (Diwali) – the Sikh perspective by Jagraj Singh

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Congratulations to all on Bandi Chhorr Divas and those celebrating Diwali! In this short video, an excerpt from Rehraas Sahib Part 24, Jagraj Singh summarises the story of Ram. Guru Gobind Singh Ji writes (and we re...

Why do Sikhs light divas (candles) and do they celebrate Diwali?

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During this time of year many Sikhs will be celebrating Bandi Chhor Divas/Diwali by lighting divas/candles. But why do we do this? Does it have any relevance to Sikhi? And what are Sikhs celebrating anyway? Do Sikhs ...

#26 Rehraas Sahib – Anand Sahib – Sacha Naam Mera Adharo

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In this Katha (discourse), Jagraj Singh completes Anand Sahib Katha from saachaa naam meraa adhaaro’ as part of the Rehraas Sahib series. Anand Sahib English Katha Playlist:

Where is the love? Speaking sweetly – Dawinderpal Singh

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In this video we hear from sevadaar (selfless volunteer) Dawinderpal Singh, discussing the way Sikhs communicate with each other, especially on social media. With references to GurBani and Guru Gobind Singh Ji's 52 hu...

Vaheguru Simran by Harinder Singh BoS UK & Jatha – Basics & Beyond Canada 2017 (4K)

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Beautifully sung Vaheguru Simran by Harinder Singh BoS UK & Jatha from the Basics & Beyond Camp Canada 2017. --- Basics of Sikhi is a project by Everythings 13, an educational charity dedicated to spreading t...

Sikhi and MMA – what’s the link? Sukhdeep Singh

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Check out Sukhdeep Singh, alongside the UFC's Arjan Singh Bhullar on the link between Sikhi and MMA! The Basics of Sikhi team were invited to the opening of the brand new Jet Singh Trust MMA Centre in Wolverhampton (8...

Blessed with Amrit after taking Personal Hukamnaama! B&B Canada 2017 – Testimonial #6 #DayOfTheGirl

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Manpreet Kaur (UK) shares her favourite experiences from Basics & Beyond Canada 2017. This Bhenji (sister) took the opportunity to take a personal Hukamnaama (command given from SGGSJi) during the camp and was ins...

Mool Mantar explained in Hindi! by Kamalpreet Singh

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Sangat ji, As a continued part of Jagraj Singh's mission, we aim to teach and share Guru Nanak's divine message in as many languages as possible. Here, one of our India sevadaars explains the Mool Mantar in Hindi. ह...

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