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#5 Rehraas Sahib – Sun Vadda Part 2 of 2 & Aakhaa Jeevaa Part 1 of 2

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In this Katha (discourse), Jagraj Singh completes the shabad (hymn) “sun vadda” and starts the shabad aakhaa jeevaa: Links to the shabad: sun vadda: aakhaa jeevaa: http...

#4 Rehraas Sahib – ‘So Dar – That Door’ Part 2 of 2 & Sun Vadda Part 1 of 2

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In this Katha (discourse), Jagraj Singh completes the shabad (hymn) "so dar tera keha” and starts the shabad sun vadda akhai sabh koi: Links to the shabad: so dar: sun ...

#3 Rehraas Sahib – ‘so dar – that door’ Part 1 of 2

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In this Katha (discourse), Jagraj Singh goes through most of the shabad (hymn): so dar tera keha: Videos referred to in this Katha: Churning of the Milkyway - Samundra ...

Sikhs on #WestminsterAttack (Basics of Sikhi)

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Sikhs on #WestminsterAttack. Basics of Sikhi. Basics of Sikhi's new parcharik (educator), 18 year old Saroop Singh, shares Sikh sentiment on yesterday's horrific terrorist attack in London. --- Basics of Sikhi is ...

Jagraj Singh LIVE – Health update & Gurbani Sikhiya (March 2017)

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Jagraj Singh gave a health update and Gurbani Sikhiya (teachings) to the Sangat on 12th March 2017. This was broadcasted live on Facebook and Instagram. However, for this Youtube version we have added translations for...

Satgur Mera Vadd Samrathaa – Tajveer Singh – Basics & Beyond UK Camp 2016

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Watch, listen and experience the kirtan from Tajveer Singh singing ’Satgur Mera Vadd Samrathaa' with Gurmukhi and English translations. Filmed at Basics & Beyond UK Camp 2016 camp - the first ever UK camp by Basic...

Hukamnaama Katha – Without you God there is no other – Basics & Beyond UK Camp 2016

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Baljit Singh explains the Hukamnaama (command) tudh bin doojaa naahee koi - there is no other than You, Vaheguru. A beautiful Sakhi (history) of Bhagat Naam Dev Ji is shared, a saint who has reached this state of mi...

Spiritual Enlightenment by Harman Singh

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Harman Singh breaks down the stages to reach spiritual enlightenment. Below are some of the questions that are discussed in the talk: What are we? What is the mind (conscious and subconscious)? If we didn’t have any...

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