See below details for a Gurmat Camp taking place in Malaysia in Feb 2018, with our own Sukhdeep Singh attending!

WWW7.0 15th-19th Feb 2018
We are very blessed to have Bhai Surjit Singh Ji and Bhai Sukhdeep Singh Ji (UK) – Basics of Sikhi for WWW7.0.
With Guru Ji’s kirpa, this is certainly going to be a remarkable & blissful camp. Looking forward to see all of you there.

Register using the link below:

Hope all of you are excited and looking forward to a fun & blissful long weekend.

Just a gentle reminder of some of the things to bring along for the camp:
1. Shoes – For outdoor activities
2. Enough clothes
3. Bana (encouraged)
4. Toiletries
5. Own medication (if taking any)
6. Positive self 😃

Also take note that registration starts at 4pm. Sehaj Paatth de bhog at 5pm. Thereafter kirtan by various Jathas, Rehraas and kirtan katha by Bhai Surjit Singh. So, those who can, please come early to enjoy the session.

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Vaheguru Simran in the Intro and Outro is how Sikhs chant God’s name. It’s performed by Jagdeep Kaur of

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Basics of Sikhi