Waheguru Naam Simran, Meditation, Soothing and very Relaxing | Musical Naam Simran

Naam Simran (Nām Japna) requires the remembrance of God or the Akal Purkh, the supreme formless power that is timeless and deathless,[4] by repeating and focusing the mind on God’s various names or qualities.
“NAAM Simran” is an act of an uncontrollable remembrance
of one’s “Beloved” when one is separated from it

“Naam Simran” is an invisible game of the invisible “Lover-mind”
played in the invisible inner corners of the heart, the sub conscious. In this game there is a relentless eternal yearning to be in the company of the “Beloved.” Any separation from the “Beloved” even for a split moment feels like the lighting up of eternal bon-fires of agony.

In “Naam Simran” the “Beloved” seems to be always present, just
around the corner, playing a hide & seek, and ready to pop out anytime to give the “Lover-mind” a Vision. A sight, a sound, a touch, a smell of anything or everything that belongs to the “Beloved” arouses the expectation of that Vision, and starts the chain reaction of the Beloved’s remembrance. All or anything that triggers the uncontrollable chain reaction seems to have written upon it, in very bold letters ……the Name of the “Beloved.” …..Nay, the “Beloved” present in it.

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Naam Simran | Waheguru | Meditation | Soothing | Relaxing | Musical Naam Simran

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